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1-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
Lalalalalal aNO ONE CARES. [03 Jan 2006|08:25pm]

Haha, well...guys it's 2006!!
Wewts. new year, starting fresh and I can finally forget all that stupid 8th grade drama/bullshit! It's all overr!! yaya

Christmas was uneventful really, I got clothes which was the best thing in the world. Oh and I got this thing for my IPOD but I don't really care! I mean it's all material items! No biggy to meee haha. Anyway, my brother is coming home in a few days. The 17th or around there. I'm so excited!!!!

I hurt myself at softball practice, I think I pulled a muscle or I have tendonidis or something. Anyway, my dad won't let me go to softball so I've been bored and actually sleeping >:O which I haven't done in a while.

Well my hurt leg and I are going to go check out my new favorite website!
Coldplaying.com to meet a bunch of people from Europe!

Well guys, see most of you on Monday! Wish me luck for tryouts!

6-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
Yeah totally. Even though he had a girlfriend..he was pretty hot. [10 Dec 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey guys,
Wow long time no write, and I'm pretty sure no one ever reads this stuff anyways.

So to start:
Midterms are this week, I'm totally freaking because well....midterms suck balls and I have to get a good grade.
So yeah.

Uhhh today I went to the mall, basically x-mas shopping and stuff now. Need to get it all done.
I volunteered for 4 hours, becuase I'm cool.
Also, when I went to the mall I:

1. Got my picture taken with Santa (Posted below)
2. Was completely humiliated because of my sister....ugh
3. Almost got stolen...by my brother
4. Got hit on.
5. Got looked at (you know, stares)
Some guy with his girlfriend was like staring at me when I was trying to see some stuff on the bottom rack in Pac Sun and when I looked up he smiled at me. I was like wow, scumbag, you have a girlfriend. Yeah.
But it was nice, I won't deny it.

6. Bought an over-priced shirt.
7. Got stared at some more. Yeah, horny guys in the mall or as Kristy said, "There are no shorter shorts than what you're wearing today!" but yeah. Anyways. It was fun.

I like Randy...and Trey. So I guess I don't know. But I really like Randy. I'm such a player. haha. Oh yeah, my brother should be coming home within a month :).

I'm so happy I miss him dearly. Also, I'm listening to Coldplay because they rock my socks. Totally.
I reorganized my drawers this week ^_______^ Totally rad. I fixed EVERYTHING.

Oh and I like Chris too, he's practically part of Nancy's family, a junior, totally hot, and I liked him before I even saw him. Yeah so I'm pretty content right now, totally flirting. But when am I not? Yeah. Oh and I'm sick. yeah William got me sick. Gosh he sneezed and put his hands on my desk. Gross. Yeah, my AP class totally rocks socks. I have a 97 in there and guess what! I sit in the middle of a bunch of guys!

total greatness

here's my seating chart:

Randy William Shermaine (Girl)

Sean ***ME*** Delara (spelling)

Trey MJ!! Marina

yeah so I talk to Sean, Randy <3 and Trey, oha nd MJ and William for 50 minutes, while I have that class.
Haha, Randy's a hottie. Yeah so ...umm that's about it. The HUGE update guys! Just what you were all waiting for. Perhaps later I'll post my Santa pic :) Becuase I'm cool.

Well it's 10:30 and I'm going to go do....Algebra, English and perhaps CT homework now.
Yeah! get it all done tonight then I can go party when I go to Kat's tomorrow!


Much mother fucking love.
Oh and free will, fuck who you like :)

1-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[16 Sep 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]

School takes up too much time. Volleyball takes up too much time. School spirit takes up too much time. <3 I just like to complain. Really, I love how busy I am. Got to go back to ENMS :( sadly, it was gay. Not as exciting as I thought it was going to be :( Oh wells. HS is alright, I guess. I mean it's not as big as everyone said it was going to be. We have like NO clubs and I am so lost like I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, gayness. I thought we would all know when clubs were starting and who was going to be there and blah blha blah, well wrong. I have no idea! Gosh! how am I supposed to be an overachiever if they won't even let me know when the clubs start? lol! well Nancy's over and we just got back from the football game! Our HOMECOMING football game! We won, I saw Dylan, and I got my baby for a couple of hours. Coolio! Anyways, I need to sleep, I have to wake up at 7ish tomorrow to get dressed and go to volunteer then come home, change, get ready go get my nails done and run to the dance! lol laters

By the way, I think I like Cody! Haha, whatta hottie. Anyways my hottie from the movie store, Sean didn't win King and I was upset but he did say that he was single! So guess what all?! Courtney's making a special trip to the movie store next weekend to see my hottie! LatersS!

_Get Directions_
[11 Aug 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | chipper ]



(and the hot football players STINK. yuckie)

1-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[25 Jul 2005|02:12pm]

I'm leaving tomorrow, Tuesday, and I'll be gone until Wednesday the 3rd! So see you all then.


To my dearest Livejournal,
I'm sorry that I have been neglecting you but nothing special has been going on lately. It's the same routine everday and it would bore me out of my mind to have to write it out, so that is why I have not been posting. It is not that I am throwing you into the trash with all the other websites I used to slave over, it's because I just don't have enough time, energy, or anything important to write about. However, I thought that the trip to NC would be important :)

You are always in my heart and soul,


_Get Directions_
[27 Apr 2005|05:14pm]
I have no life
so short entry

Sorry for the drama shit below
stupid stuff I think up
when I'm sad about something.
Oh well whatever.

I got Sunny D
but it's not in a can
so I'm screwed. Oh well.
Good stuff

4-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[14 Apr 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | I feel extremely crazy today.. ]

Major things of today:
1. Sickly and tired
2. To my parents I am depressed
3. Not only that but I am very unemotional
4. To add onto it I spend too much time online (can't argue)
5. I have to start doing stuff like going outside (ok I'll go outside, let me walk to Jazmin's I'll fuck her up that takes enough energy right?)
6. I have to start walking with my mom all the way to County Barn because of this shit.
7. I'm still extremely tired
8. I didn't study for the science test, but when do I ever?
9. Geometry is really easy, I <3 area :)
10. My dad is laughing at my new bathing suit, it's so pretty though! I should take a picture of it....hmmm
11. I have an idea to go to Tony's on Sunday! Yay! that'll get me exercise, I'll go jump on his trampoline with him.
12. Today is Thursday and Thursdays kick ass!
13. In about 2 hours it'll be Friday and Friday's kick even more ass!
14. The dance is in a 70's theme which rocks!
15. I might dress up nada importante.
16. Saturday is only 2 days away and I can't wait. ahh sigh!
17. I love Myles
18. I'm going to go because this is a pretty long list and I have to study/write notes. I love you guys <3

---I'm only looking at positive aspects now, or atleast trying to ...I need to be emotional! So, tears guys sory I have to leave but ::perks up:: I'm going to study! And make good grades to please my parents :)---

Hehe bye byeee
<3 and Death,

5-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[02 Apr 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

This is a really cool picture of my rocker chick, Erica. Ch-ya.
Read more...Collapse )
Read my entry below please >.<
Sean- I might take your advice, no guarantee there. Lmao you're too cool to be white! hahaaa wow...good memories with you. Commin over tomorrow? Ch-ya! lol I need Mikayla though lol. That hot guy down your street. And then Bryar with his lousy excuse for a girlfriend. Umm, what else? You're evil attack dogs. And now you're cornocopia of rape ideas. Lmao!!! Haha Mr. Whitey

3-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[26 Mar 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | Sunburned, once again ]

Your band by jesus_spiced
Pick an obscenity
You will be theRoadie
Your groupie will bebroken_child33
Your cover band will be started by_novemberrain_
Debut CD nameA Christmas Special
Your next tour isNovember 23, 2005
Opening bandSoundgarden (reunited)
You sound like a mix betweenLed Zeppelin
andThe Sex Pistols
Band quirkYour music ended slavery
Typical band clicheYou all die at 27
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Haha, You're my groupie Kristizzle! Wut now?! I ruleee youuuu haha and we all die at 27! Of....? ODing? sounds good...

13-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[22 Mar 2005|03:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Your 90's LJ by Karen_Walker
Grunge God/Goddesszxblackrosesxz
Hippie Chiclilbluebear217
Gap Modelbroken_child33
Spice Girls Fanhearts_are_torn
Club Kidlegally_insane3
Computer Geekpyramid_limbo
Your 90's AnthemShe Don't Use Jelly ~ The Flaming Lips
Your 90's MovieClerks
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6-Little Lost Sheep-_Get Directions_
[11 Feb 2005|10:14pm]
my brother's going to iraq...

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